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IndustriALL Malaysia
2023 Apr 21

Strengthening our Monitoring in Malaysia

Electronics Watch carried out a mission to Malaysia in February 2023. The trip focused on building stronger linkages with monitoring partners on the ground, and meeting workers and trade unions at the facilities we monitor.

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Aykut in Taiwan
2023 Apr 18

Taiwan Training on Migrant Labour Issues

Electronics Watch delivered a two-day training in Taiwan last month for our monitoring partner, Serve the People Association (SPA). SPA runs shelters for migrant workers in the capital, Taipei. SPA's core team, shelter staff and volunteers covered topics including the Electronics Watch Monitoring Methodology, Migrant Labor Issues, Freedom of Association, Health and Safety, Grievances and Due Diligence Legislations.

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2023 Apr 14

Philippines’ Lowest Bidder Game

Despite the recent change of leadership in the country, there are currently no signs of improvement in working conditions and respect for human rights in the Philippines. Low wages and temporary work are the rule. Electronics Watch is strengthening its monitoring there from 2023.

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electronics worker
2023 Feb 13

Welcome, New Affiliates!

Electronics Watch is delighted to welcome new affiliates, Crown Commercial Service, UK, the City of Malmö, Sweden, and Griffith and Sydney Universities in Australia, where we now have five affiliated Universities.

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electronics worker
2023 Feb 10

Barriers to Effective Worker-Driven Monitoring

Electronic Watch's worker-driven monitoring process is separated into phases of understanding the issues, presenting evidence to industry and affiliates, and developing remedy, with workers always at the centre. One issue that can hinder this process is when workers avoid communication with our monitoring partners, due to fear or other factors. To explore solutions to this and similar barriers, Electronics Watch organised a workshop in December with Central European monitoring partners Periféria (Hungary), Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business (Poland), and Centre for Social Issues (Czechia).

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Tin mine in Bolivia
2023 Feb 3

Electronics Watch to Empower Miners

Electronics Watch is launching a three-year pilot project to build the capacity of miners to improve their working conditions through monitoring, remediation, social dialogue and awareness raising.

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2023 Jan 30

Electronics Watch Staff Goes from Strength to Strength

Electronics Watch is delighted to give an official welcome to four new full time staff members who joined in the last quarter of 2022. Director of Monitoring, Fabrice Warneck, Manager of Monitoring Capacity, Aykut Kazanci and Programme Assistants, Petra Krčmářová and Haëndila Varela, will all play a vital role servicing our affiliates and supporting workers to defend their rights.

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Malaysia remedy
2022 Dec 12

Toward Worker-Driven Remedy

Electronics Watch is taking steps to develop and implement a worker-driven remediation methodology. The methodology will complement the worker-driven monitoring methodology, taking over at the point where harm to workers is reported. The idea is to develop an equally detailed method to drive improvements, including remedy for workers. Recent workshops in Copenhagen and Malaysia served to consult key stakeholders – namely public buyers, trade unions, civil society organisations and academics – on aspects of the methodology and its underlying principles, to ensure its relevance and utility.

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GEC draft
2022 Dec 12

Opportunity to Comment on Eco-Label Criteria for Corporate ESG Performance

In June Electronics Watch released ‘State of Sustainability Research for Corporate ESG Performance: The Electronics Industry'. The report supports the Global Electronics Council to revise the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) criteria for corporate ESG performance. EPEAT is a global ecolabel for the IT sector. The GEC has now released its draft Corporate ESG Performance criteria for public comment.

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