Public Buyer Toolkit

The Public Buyer Toolkit supports affiliates’ communication with contractors and promotes contract compliance within their supply chain: resellers, brand companies and their suppliers. It contains standardized and easy-to-use tools that guide procurement staff and contractors.

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  • Affiliate Action Guide - a valuable part of the Public Buyer Toolkit, this Guide summarises current issues that Electronics Watch recommends affiliates address with their suppliers, and is searchable by brand name, factory or product, with links to detailed reports where available.
  • Affiliate Product Form - is a tool to collect data on products procured by affiliates. This information is necessary to map the links between affiliates, products, and brands and guide Electronics Watch’s monitoring and brand engagement.
  • Instruction to Contractor - is a template tool to provide contractors with a succinct overview of the compliance process and the documents provided in the Electronics Watch Public Buyer Toolkit.
  • Template Letter to Suppliers allows contractors to easily communicate their request for suppliers to cooperate in meeting the contract conditions.
  • Factory Disclosure Form & Guidelines for Factory Disclosuresupports brand companies in reporting the factories that make the goods and the main components of the goods that form the subject matter of the contract.
  • Transparency and Data Use: The How, Who, and Why of Disclosure

Items of the public buyer toolkit also available to the public are: