2017 Jan 20

New year, new affiliates! Electronics Watch celebrates its first full consortium affiliation, and tenth UK University.

Electronics Watch has started 2017 with another exciting milestone, announcing its first full consortium membership, Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), the purchasing consortium for Scotland's Universities and Colleges. All of APUC's 44 higher and further educational institutions have become affiliate members of Electronics Watch through APUC.  This is the first time a whole sector of public bodies in a country has affiliated, and demonstrates the push within the sector in Scotland to achieve a transparent and fair supply chain for the products they purchase.

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2016 Nov 14

Electronics Watch Crosses the Atlantic

Electronics Watch has just welcomed the first US affiliate, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (ECFS) in New York. Jeannie Crowley, Director of Technology at ECFS said: "The mission of our school is not the adaptation of the individual to the existing social environment; it is to develop individuals who are competent to change their environment to greater conformity with moral ideals. Through our partnership with the Electronics Watch, we will ensure our technology department meets the ECFS mission by committing to socially responsible procurement. By weaving the risk reports into our ethics and technology curriculum, this partnership will also help our students develop a deeper understanding of the true cost, both environmental and human, of electronic device production."

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