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2024 Feb 22

Meet our Affiliates: UNISON

In the second installment in Electronics Watch's "Meet our Affiliates" series, we showcase another of our 1,500 affiliates and shine a light on the key people implementing responsible procurement.

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Mining truck at a Sulawesi nickel mine, Indonesia. (Credit: Mirwanto Muda, Wikipedia Creative Commons)
2024 Jan 25

EVs fuel growing demand for Indonesian nickel, while workers pay with their lives

Tragically, during the final days of 2023, 18 workers were killed and 38 were injured after an explosion at a nickel plant on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Sulawesi is a hub for Indonesia's production of nickel, much of which is exported to meet the growing demand for use in renewable energy technologies, including batteries for electric vehicles.

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Taiwan trade union representatives Nov 2023
2024 Jan 14

Freedom of association, recruitment fees and migrant workers: snapshot of Taiwan

In November 2023, a delegation from Electronics Watch travelled to Taiwan to provide training for local monitoring partners Serve the People Association (SPA) and to learn more about the issues facing electronics workers there. These include discrimination against union members, difficulties faced by migrant workers in securing repayment of recruitment fees, poor living conditions and unfair wage deductions.

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Review of the year 2023
2024 Jan 8

Highlights of 2023

As we begin a new year and prepare to publish our Strategic Plan for 2024-2028, we look back on some of Electronics Watch's highlights and achievements in 2023.

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2023 Nov 29

Meet our Affiliates: Catalan Association of Municipalities

Electronics Watch is today launching a new series called "Meet our Affiliates". The series will showcase some of our 1,538 affiliates and shine a light on the key people implementing responsible procurement within them. Today we publish the first of these profiles.

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